Monday, April 26, 2010

Top Experts in Urology guide the medical post graduates.

Dhule, August 9th 2009—the second Sunday of the month was marked by a major breakthrough in the Urology teaching program of North Maharashtra. A comprehensive urology course was organized by Dr Ashish Patil (Director Institute of Urology) for the post graduates in Urology, General surgery and Nephrology. It was attended by more than a hundred delegates. Lectures on different urology topics were delivered by the various experts in the field. The morning session was opened by Dr Bhalchandra Kashyapi (Assistant Professor in Urology; Sassoon General Hospitals, Pune) who spoke on Renal Malignancies. This was followed by Dr Subodh Shivde (Professor in Urology, Dinanath Mangeshkar hospital Pune.) and Dr Dhananjay Bokare (Senior consultant Institute of Urology, Dhule) who spoke on Benign enlargement of the prostate and stricture disease of the urethra respectively. Dr Ashish Patil elaborated Urolithiasis explaining the various modalities of stone treatment and recent advances in the same. Dr Dipen Parekh (Prof and head, Department of Robotic surgery San Antonio, Texas) discussed robotic laparoscopy with its pros and cons. Renal transplant was covered in detail by Dr Atul Mule. This was followed by lunch.
The Urology Quiz was conducted post lunch. Dr Chetan Rathod, Dr Chandrahas Kurane and Dr Hrishikesh Deshmukh were winners of the same. This was followed by the inaugural ceremony wherein Dr Ashish Patil felicitated Dr Dipen Parekh, Dr Bhalchandra Kashyapi, Dr Subodh Shivde, Dr Dhananjay Bokare and Dr Atul Mule. Finally Dr S K Singhal the organizing secretary presented the vote of thanks.

5 PANG technique: Accepted for publication by UROLOGY-GOLD JOURNAL (The official journal of the Société Internationale d'Urologie)

5 PANG technique is an innovative needle used for puncture and initial tract dilatation during PCNL
Designed, fabricated and patented by Dr Ashish Patil, the innovative 5 part Percutaneous Access Needle with Glidewire (5-PANG) is a novel technique in an attempt to make percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) tract establishment a fast, safe and less cumbersome procedure. The technique decreases the PCNL time by allowing fast and flawless approach to the kidney during single stitch surgeries for renal stones (PCNL). The technique was also presented at the World Congress of Endourology and was well appreciated. This has turned out to be the first international innovative publication of North Maharashtra. We Congratulate Dr Ashish on his achievement.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Munich:Two innovations presented by Dr Ashish Patil at the World Congress of Endourology 2009

Dr Ashish Patil the head of Institute of Urology recently presented two of his innovative techniques which are being practiced at the Institute since 2 years.

1) 5PANG technique for initial tract dilatation during PCNL

2) Fountain technique for evacuation of large vesical calculi

5 PANG technique: The term coined at the “Institute” stands for ‘ 5 Part Access Needle over the Glide wire technique’;. Herein Dr Ashish Patil has invented a 5 part initial puncture needle as a substitute for the conventional 3 part initial puncture needle used for percutaneous access during a PCNL. The new needle creates a tract of sufficient size to allow direct access to the metal tract dilators hence obviating the need for cumbersome conventional tract dilatation. The results of the initial 67 cases were presented at the WORLD CONGRESS.

Fountain technique : Essentially is a technique described by Dr Patil etal to be used during PCCL(Percutaneous Cystolitholapaxy) . Dr Patil here described the use of simultaneous urethral flush and suprapubic drainage of stone fragments . The technique accentuates the fragment evacuation in cases of large vesical calculi hence reducing the operative time. The technique is based on the Magic Fountain principal described by Hero.